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What Is the New California Driver’s License and How Does it Affect Me?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing upgraded driver’s licenses and identification cards starting January 22, 2018. This new California license replaces previous versions and meets the federal Real ID standards.   What Changed Exactly? California driver’s license requirements upgraded to meet guidelines established by the US Congress in 2005. These stricter standards improve […]

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What Happens if You Get a Traffic Ticket and Never Pay It

Speeding tickets in California can be costly, with the average fine running anywhere between $234 and $480. For this reason, it is not uncommon for violators to ignore their traffic citations and just hope that they’ll go away. If you’re thinking about doing this, don’t, as ignoring a traffic ticket can result in additional adverse […]

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Top 3 Driving Tickets Given And How To Avoid Them

The new year of 2020 will likely be a lot like the previous year when it comes to the most common California traffic ticket violations. Traffic attorneys spend much of their time dealing with these three citations: running a red light or a stop sign, speeding and failing to signal. California police hand out hundreds of […]

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Rules To Follow If You Have a Provisional Driver’s License

Drivers younger than age 18 are subject to California driver license restrictions for one year after they pass the state driving test. The provisional driver’s license law was passed in 2006 and requires minor drivers to be supervised in certain situations. You know it’s important to avoid a California texting ticket as a new driver, […]

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New Driving Penalties to Look Out for in California

The new traffic laws of 2018 went into effect January 1st. Regardless if you were aware or not, violations can still lead to a citation. As a responsible driver, you need to know all about these new rules and penalties. The Most Important Changes Most preexisting California traffic law remain unaltered with a few minor […]

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Guide to Passing Your Driver’s Test

Whether you are getting your driver’s license for the first time as a teenager or as an adult, you will need to pass the driver’s test. There are numerous mistakes people make on the California road test, but with adequate preparation, you will know precisely how to pass driving test with ease. Familiarize Yourself With […]

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Cannabis and Driving – What Are the Rules and Regulations?

More Americans are for legal marijuana than ever before. Nine states, including California, now allow the recreational use of cannabis, and 30 states have approved medical use of the substance. With these new California drug laws, it’s important to understand the rules about driving under the influence of marijuana.   California DUI Laws Although some […]

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A Guide To Driving Seamlessly in California 

Most people know driving on the wrong side of the road is wrong. However, there are many other ways in which many California drivers, teenagers and adults alike, could be safer on the road. If you abide by these tips, then you will drastically reduce the odds you will need traffic ticket fixers at some point. […]

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5 Driving Laws You May Be Unintentionally Breaking

There are numerous California driving rules to abide by. There are so many that numerous drivers unintentionally break the law all the time. You may unexpectedly need a traffic ticket lawyer if you continue doing the following.   Speeding Many drivers do not see the harm in going a few miles over the speed limit, especially when […]

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