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What to Prepare for as a New Driver

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Congratulations! You earned your driver’s license and checked off a milestone in your life. As a first time driver, you’ve still got some learning to do.

Here’s everything you need to know about driving they didn’t teach you in class:


Plan Every Trip

You learned all the basic procedures to start, turn, and stop during your training. Then, you proved your skills to the DMV, but your muscle memory and reflexes still aren’t developed just yet.

Most minor accidents happen on short trips. You need to think about what you are doing even when simply cruising around the neighborhood or buzzing down to the convenience store.

Follow these tips to first time drivers and develop good habits from the start.

Know Your Vehicle

Every automobile feels and drives a little different. Subtle feedback from the steering wheel and pedals often distracts inexperienced drivers.

Read through the operator’s manual so you understand how the vehicle should work. Also, walk around and inspect any car you haven’t driven before.

Strategize for Misfortune

You will most likely encounter some trouble on the road eventually. Lousy weather, animals running across the street, and other irresponsible drivers surprise you no matter how skillfully you drive.

The police can also sneak up on you. While it may not seem fair, some patrol officers are tougher on new drivers. There is no tolerance for distracted driving, and the California texting ticket is a common citation for teenagers.

Of course, you plan to stay alert while driving, but be ready with a strategy if you do happen to run into trouble. Know your insurance provider and protect your driving record by disputing any citations you receive.

Are you’re wondering, “Who’s the best traffic lawyer near me?” The Ticket Clinic has got you covered. These attorneys appear in traffic court for you and help you resolve your citation. If you’ve been ticketed, give them a call and ask for a consultation.