Red light tickets

It’s happened to many drivers: You’re cruising down the road, in a hurry to get somewhere, and the light turns yellow. You’re pretty close to the intersection, so you think you can make it through. Unfortunately, you don’t, and you run the right light. If you avoid causing an accident, you may not avoid getting caught. You probably want to know how much are red light tickets. Also, what happens if a red light camera catches in you in the act? It’s important to know the answers to these questions. 

The cost

Because this is often a blatant disregard for the law, and because it’s dangerous, red light tickets can be pricey. Fine totals vary from place to place, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $490 beyond. The fines will escalate if you fail to pay by the deadline.

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What about red light cameras?

Some places around the country have cameras at traffic signals that take a picture of the offender’s car when there is a red-light violation. The camera snaps a photo of the license plate, and a copy of the photo, along with a ticket, is mailed to the driver’s registered address. There is much debate over the legality and legitimacy of this method. People often ask, “Can you ignore a red light camera ticket? If you don’t pay the fine, you’ll get continuous calls from collection agencies wanting the money. However, because an officer was not on the scene, and because you did not acknowledge the violation with a signature, you may be able to convince a judge that you never got the ticket.

Every year thousands of red light camera violations are processed by California law enforcement agencies bringing in millions of dollars

Over the years, the topic of red light cameras has become hotly contested and many people believe they are unfair and even argue they’re unconstitutional. In many cases, our traffic ticket attorneys can prove our clients are not guilty of red light camera violations using a set of a defense strategies developed to uncover errors in process or other technicalities.

Red light cameras are becoming more common in California, especially in metropolitan areas. If a driver enters an intersection after a light turns red, then a photograph is taken and sent to a police department. A police officer reviews the photograph and sends a ticket to an individual’s address. These tickets may be expensive and result in negative consequences for your driving record, so it’s wise to contact a red light camera ticket lawyer if you receive one in the mail.

Red Light Camera violations can cost hundreds of dollars. It’s worth calling The Ticket Clinic for a free consultation before you simply pay up. Our traffic court lawyers have experience fighting these citations in courtrooms all over the state of California.

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Dispute your ticket the right way

Red light camera tickets can cost you more than $500. Violators found guilty must attend traffic school, which can be inconvenient. A California red light ticket lawyer can help you avoid these penalties as well as the requirement to go to court. Trusting an expert who has knowledge of the complex criminal court system is easier than attempting to dispute a ticket on your own, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

Leave no stone unturned

To increase your chances of a favorable outcome, an attorney must adopt an aggressive strategy. Fighting a red light ticket involves obtaining a copy of the photo taken by the camera. If the picture doesn’t clearly identify the driver and if an individual refuses to respond to a notice sent in the mail, then there’s a possibility of a dismissal.

Not responding to a notice is especially important. It’s common for the police to ask for clarification about the identity of a driver, especially if a photo is blurry or dim. This information can be used against the accused in court. Keep in mind that you’re under no obligation to answer any questions from the authorities.

Get out of your red light ticket

Getting a red light ticket is so frustrating. Just when you think you’re going to make it through the intersection in time, the light turns red and the camera snaps a photo of your license plate. If you’ve received a notice for a red light ticket, don’t assume you have to pay it right away. You may be able to get out of it with a professional red light ticket lawyer from the Ticket Clinic.  

Here at the Ticket Clinic, we do more than just assist you with the paperwork associated with your traffic violation. When you contact us, you get in touch with a real red light camera attorney who will give you individualized assistance. As your trusted lawyer for a red light or reckless driving ticket in California, your rights and interests are our first priority. We’re more than a website. Real lawyers are ready to help you get your red light ticket dropped.

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars

Red light violations can cost you a lot of money. What if you could pay less or nothing at all? We can save you from draining your wallet. Our attorneys may be able to argue that the photos are not clear enough, the camera wasn’t working properly, you ran the light to avoid an accident, or you weren’t the driver. We can help you develop a solid argument to prove you are innocent and do not deserve to pay the ticket.

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