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10 Ways to Get Out of Paying Your Traffic Fine

If you were running late for work or in a hurry to get to an appointment and you got a speeding ticket, here are some tips to avoid paying your traffic fines.   Follow the Law –You are less likely to be ticketed if you blend in with the rest of traffic. Wear your seatbelt, […]

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10 Reasons Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer is Beneficial

Driving is part of a typical routine. However, sometimes the daily commute is anything but routine. If you get a traffic ticket, depending on the circumstances, pleading guilty can have severe consequences.  Here are 10 reasons why you should have a ticket attorney. Reduce your fine –A traffic court lawyer may be able to reduce […]

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How Driving Records Influence Hiring Decisions

From the time you get your driver license, a lot of new problems and obstacles arise in your path. Many people get tickets for speeding, driving without their license, failing to register their vehicle, and a number of other reasons. The more blemishes you have on your driver license record, the more your mistakes on […]

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California Off-Road Driving Tips

Driving in California cities can be frustrating because of traffic congestion, road construction, and more. If you are tired of being stuck on California highways and want to take your all-terrain vehicle off the pavement, there are beautiful trails to use. However, it’s not a free pass to drive however you please and be reckless. […]

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Why Using a Dash Cam with Parking Mode is so Important

Dash cams are becoming very popular for both new and experienced drivers. Once you understand the many benefits they provide, it’s easy to see why. A dash cam is a piece of equipment that records the road and other vehicles surrounding your vehicle. Dash cams are especially helpful if you’re involved in an accident because […]

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How to Be Safe Around Aggressive Drivers

Whether you’re a beginning or a seasoned driver, you’re bound to come across aggressive drivers at some point while you’re on the road. It’s not enough to just practice safe driving techniques on today’s fast-paced roadways. You must also learn to drive defensively if you want to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Here are […]

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15 Life Saving Driving Tips for Beginners

As a new driver, you should learn how to drive defensively and protect yourself from every reckless driver on the road. Here are 15 life-saving driving tips you should follow every time you get behind the wheel.   Always Leave Early  Whenever possible, give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to get to work, school or […]

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Why Was My Driver’s License Suspended?

A California driver’s license can be suspended for a variety of reasons – even for the most cautious and law-abiding driver. The California Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend a license if you refuse to purchase car insurance or for receiving too many traffic tickets. Suspensions can be for 30 days or for more than […]

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Why Are California Speeding Tickets So Expensive?

Fines for speeding tickets in California are among the highest in the nation, with several surcharges that quickly increase the base fine for your infraction. Not only do California speeding tickets carry harsh penalties, they are also associated with dramatically increased insurance costs. According to a study published in Popular Mechanics, expect your insurance premium to rise […]

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