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When Can an Officer Really Pull You Over in California? 


You hope that you’ll never get pulled over and have to deal with the awkward situation of handing over your license and registration, but are you prepared for what to do if that happens? Do you know your rights? Before an officer can pull you over in California, certain grounds must be met. If you’re […]

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What Are the Most Common Reasons to Get Pulled Over in California?

As a driver, it’s always nerve-wracking to see the flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror indicating that you are about to get pulled over in California. Your palms might start sweating as you wonder the reasons for which the officer initiated pulling you over on a California road.  Understanding the most common reasons that […]

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Announcement For Riverside California Clients

Due to the court closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may receive court notice, a sample of which is attached, which states that action must be taken to avoid a failure to appear being assessed on your case. The notice looks like this:   You have hired The Ticket Clinic and do not […]

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Speeding Over 100MPH Is A Fast Growing Trend – California Traffic Enforcement Update

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Less traffic and open highways throughout California are contributing to an uptick in certain types of traffic tickets. Even with fewer people are travelling, law enforcement is working closely with Caltrans on safe transportation initiatives despite decreased driver presence on state roadways due to stay-at-home orders.   Many drivers are taking advantage of less congested […]

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Your Complete Guide to Becoming a Certified Truck Driver

You have done the research, searching for entry-level jobs that pay a decent wage or salary, and you now know that truck driving is a good option, especially without a college degree. However, now you have to answer a more practical question: how do you become a certified truck driver? Also, once you answer that […]

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What is CDL Medical Certification

While many wannabe truckers feel that their only concern after getting their CDL license is making sure they have an excellent CDL traffic ticket attorney, they are wrong. A CDL license is a privilege and requires upkeep. In order to obtain and maintain a CDL license, some applicants and current drivers are required to take a physical […]

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What Are The Different Types of CDL Licenses?

CDL Licence, CDL Classifications

Do you even need a CDL license? If you do which is better Class A or B CDL? Maybe you have considered driving without a special license, in which case you better pony up for a CDL ticket lawyer. CDL licenses are a requirement for anyone driving a vehicle or a combination of a vehicle and trailer […]

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