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What You Need to Know About Red Light Camera Tickets in California

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No matter where you receive a traffic ticket in California, you need to be able to respond promptly. Ignoring a traffic ticket taken by a camera could lead to further consequences- and the same goes for getting a red light camera ticket. Many locations throughout California now have cameras placed to capture law violators. Law [...] continue reading »

Marijuana Legalization and Driving Laws in California

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What happens if you’re accused of ingesting or smoking marijuana while operating a vehicle or just before hitting the road? It turns out that with marijuana legalization, there are complicated questions about drugged driving and whether or not the tests can accurately capture whether you’re under the influence or not. Our traffic ticket lawyers in [...] continue reading »

California Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws – What You Need To Know

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As of August 19th, 2016, lane splitting is officially legal in California. Lane splitting, also known as lane sharing, refers to the practice of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of traffic that is either stopped or moving slowly. A new bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown officially recognizes lane splitting as a legal act and [...] continue reading »

5 Consequences Of Reckless Driving

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The dangers of reckless driving

As per California Vehicle Code Section 23103, “a person who drives a vehicle upon a highway in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.” Reckless driving can result in an accident and you may end up badly hurt, or hurting someone else; there have been instances […]

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