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What Happens if You Get a Traffic Ticket and Never Pay It

Speeding tickets in California can be costly, with the average fine running anywhere between $234 and $480. For this reason, it is not uncommon for violators to ignore their traffic citations and just hope that they’ll go away. If you’re thinking about doing this, don’t, as ignoring a traffic ticket can result in additional adverse consequences.


Consequences for Ignoring a Traffic Ticket in California

The penalties for failing to pay a traffic fine start off minimal but grow progressively worse the longer one puts off payment. The traffic ticket lawyers at The Ticket Clinic provide a brief look at what you can expect for failing to pay your ticket for reckless driving in California:



As you can see, the consequences of ignoring a speeding ticket are much costlier than the ticket itself. If you can’t or don’t want to pay, you have options outside of simply ignoring the citation.


Retain the Help of a Traffic Lawyer

Whether you received a ticket for speeding or texting and driving in California, ignoring a traffic ticket is never a good idea. Contact the experienced ticket lawyers at The Ticket Clinic to fight the citation the right way.