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Rules To Follow If You Have a Provisional Driver’s License

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Drivers younger than age 18 are subject to California driver license restrictions for one year after they pass the state driving test. The provisional driver’s license law was passed in 2006 and requires minor drivers to be supervised in certain situations. You know it’s important to avoid a California texting ticket as a new driver, but it’s also critical to understand the other regulations surrounding your new license.


Restrictions of the Provisional License

California driving rules prevent those with a provisional license from transporting passengers younger than age 20 unless they are also accompanied by a parent, guardian, licensed driver older than age 25, or certified driving instructor.

Many new drivers wonder “Can you drive alone with a provisional license?” Although you are allowed to drive by yourself during the provisional period, you may not do so between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. If you need to drive late at night, make sure one of the approved people mentioned above is with you.


Exemptions to Provisional Restrictions

If you need to drive during restricted hours and no approved person is available to accompany you, you must keep a signed and dated note in your vehicle indicating permission to do so. Situations in which this exemption is valid include:

Emancipated minors are not required to provide documentation for these exemptions.


If you received a ticket while driving with a provisional license, the traffic lawyers at The Ticket Clinic can help. We have 10 office locations throughout California, where our experienced attorneys have an 80 percent success rate in arguing on behalf of clients who have traffic tickets. Get in touch today with our team today for your free consultation.