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Medical Conditions and License Suspension in California

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can issue a drivers license medical suspension if a person has a physical or mental health condition that affects his or her ability to drive safely. If you feel your license has been suspended in error, a suspended license lawyer can advocate on your behalf. What Conditions Result in […]

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Guide to Marijuana & Driving in California: Laws & Penalties 

California marijuana laws have long been among the nation’s most progressive. Since the state legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2016, the definition of driving under the influence (DUI) has been expanded to include marijuana even for medical users with a prescription. However, many DUI lawyers note that this law has not been consistently enforced as […]

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10 Traffic Violations You Didn’t Realize Were Illegal

Everyone knows that speeding and reckless driving are illegal. However, there are many traffic laws that most people don’t know about. Find some of the most surprising below so you can avoid needing traffic ticket lawyers due to your improperly decorated car or another such offense. No Clothes If you’ve ever been to the beach, you’ve likely […]

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5 Disadvantages Of Getting Points On Your Record

Most California drivers will receive at least one traffic citation during their life. Every moving violation results in points being placed on your driving record, which could eventually lead to your license being suspended. Here are five disadvantages to having points assigned to your license.   Car Insurance Rates Often Rise Every time you renew […]

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What to Prepare for as a New Driver

Congratulations! You earned your driver’s license and checked off a milestone in your life. As a first time driver, you’ve still got some learning to do. Here’s everything you need to know about driving they didn’t teach you in class:   Plan Every Trip You learned all the basic procedures to start, turn, and stop […]

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What Is the New California Driver’s License and How Does it Affect Me?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing upgraded driver’s licenses and identification cards starting January 22, 2018. This new California license replaces previous versions and meets the federal Real ID standards.   What Changed Exactly? California driver’s license requirements upgraded to meet guidelines established by the US Congress in 2005. These stricter standards improve […]

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What Happens if You Get a Traffic Ticket and Never Pay It

Speeding tickets in California can be costly, with the average fine running anywhere between $234 and $480. For this reason, it is not uncommon for violators to ignore their traffic citations and just hope that they’ll go away. If you’re thinking about doing this, don’t, as ignoring a traffic ticket can result in additional adverse […]

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Top 3 Driving Tickets Given in 2018 and How To Avoid Them

California police hand out hundreds of traffic tickets every day. Although there is no hard data as of yet about which major traffic violations are most common, here are the most common traffic violations attorneys generally see.   Running a Red Light or Stop Sign There are two main violations that lead to traffic collisions. Running […]

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Rules To Follow If You Have a Provisional Driver’s License

Drivers younger than age 18 are subject to California driver license restrictions for one year after they pass the state driving test. The provisional driver’s license law was passed in 2006 and requires minor drivers to be supervised in certain situations. You know it’s important to avoid a California texting ticket as a new driver, […]

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