Traffic Court Butte

Traffic Courthouse in Butte County If you have ever received a ticket or gone to traffic ticket court, you know the feeling you get in your stomach when you first see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror. For many people, those lights mean paying an extra bill they hadn’t planned for or requesting a […]

Traffic Court Nevada

Traffic Courthouse in Nevada If you need assistance finding the traffic court in Nevada City, look no further. The Ticket Clinic is here to help you locate the traffic ticket court and get your Nevada traffic ticket dismissed. No matter what type of citation you’ve been issued, you can count on us to be there […]

Traffic Court Sonoma

Traffic Courthouse in Sonoma The excitement of sightseeing in Sonoma is known to flow throughout the vineyards and onto the streets. It’s not surprising to see motorists being pulled over after getting revved up from the breathtaking views and wine fields. Many visiting drivers may be unaware of the many speed traps that are strategically […]

Traffic Court Shasta

Traffic Courthouse in Shasta If you’ve received a citation for a moving violation in Shasta, you have the right to plead “Not Guilty.” This small and historic old town doesn’t have its own courthouse, so you’ll be pleading your case in the town’s traffic ticket court which is located in nearby Redding. Contesting a Shasta […]

Traffic Court Santa Cruz

Traffic Courthouse in Santa Cruz Most traffic tickets in Santa Cruz can be contested. It may seem simple enough to just pay the fine and move on, but you may need to prove your innocence. A DUI charge, for example, is not easily walked away from. You have the right to assert your innocence through […]

Traffic Court San Mateo

Traffic Courthouse in San Mateo Being charged with DUI or reckless driving is San Mateo County is very serious, because they’re both considered misdemeanors. Misdemeanors can haunt you for the rest of your life: Jail time of six months to a year or more Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license Fines of over $2,000 […]

Traffic Court San Joaquin

Traffic Courthouse in San Joaquin County Reckless driving in California and San Joaquin County is far more than a simple speeding ticket. It’s a misdemeanor with serious consequences: A permanent criminal record Fines of $145–$5,000 A minimum of 5 days in jail to up to 90 days Suspension or complete revocation of your license Two […]

Traffic Court San Francisco

Traffic Courthouse in San Francisco Have you received a San Francisco traffic ticket, perhaps for speeding or running a red light? If so, the worst thing that you can do is ignore it. Unpaid traffic tickets can result in higher fines, driving record points, and even driver’s license suspension. Remember That You Have Options One […]

Traffic Court San Benito

Traffic Courthouse in San Benito County If you incur a San Benito traffic ticket, you may be bewildered as to what happens next. You are responsible for taking care of the citation if you signed the ticket, and failure to take action could result in a misdemeanor, a suspended driver’s license, or an additional $300 […]

Traffic Court Sacramento

Traffic Courthouse in Sacramento What’s the most precious commodity you possess? It’s not anything tangible; it’s time. Tangible commodities can be recovered once lost, but once time is lost or wasted, it’s gone for good. In addition to potentially costing you a great deal of money in fines, traffic court is also the thief of […]