Traffic Court Sacramento

Traffic Courthouse in Sacramento

What’s the most precious commodity you possess? It’s not anything tangible; it’s time. Tangible commodities can be recovered once lost, but once time is lost or wasted, it’s gone for good. In addition to potentially costing you a great deal of money in fines, traffic court is also the thief of time.

Allow Us To Explain…

If you intend to pay a fine for a Sacramento traffic ticket, you could be waiting on the phone or standing in line for at least 30 minutes, possibly even more, before you get to talk to one of the court clerks in order to pay your fine. Making a court appearance can take as long as two hours, which doesn’t include the time spent prior to the appearance trying to find a parking place and getting through security.

Worse yet, if you have incurred a more serious violation, such as a reckless driving ticket, and you fail to adequately defend yourself in court, you could be facing a jail sentence, which will rob you of more than just a few hours spent in court.

Take Back Your Time

Hiring an experienced traffic attorney from The Ticket Clinic gives you a good chance of having your fines reduced or your charges dropped altogether, helping you to avoid having to spend any of your precious time in jail even if you are accused of a serious traffic violation, such as driving with a suspended license. Moreover, in many cases your attorney can make your traffic ticket court appearance in your place, preventing you from having to waste time standing in line or waiting on hold.

Save Money As Well

At The Ticket Clinic, we strive to keep our lawyer’s fees affordable, and hiring an attorney to represent you in traffic court can help you to avoid exorbitant fines as well as increased insurance premiums. Contact us at 1-800-248-2846 to discuss how we can help you save both time and money.