Traffic Court Shasta

Traffic Courthouse in Shasta

If you’ve received a citation for a moving violation in Shasta, you have the right to plead “Not Guilty.” This small and historic old town doesn’t have its own courthouse, so you’ll be pleading your case in the town’s traffic ticket court which is located in nearby Redding.

Contesting a Shasta traffic ticket may not be too complex of a procedure if it’s only a dispute over a common moving violation. More serious offenses, however, such as being charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, warrant the help of an experienced attorney. There’s too much at stake to not do all that’s possible to prevent severe consequences. That’s why The Ticket Clinic has been the choice of California drivers fighting charges for over 30 years.

Reducing a Shasta DUI Charge

Despite its size, Shasta has its fair share of drivers being pulled over and charged with DUI. The situation can get worse if you refuse to take a breathalyzer test. It’s normal to hesitate because the field equipment has been shown to display false results. Being charged with a DUI, however, does not mean you will be convicted. You’re innocent until proven guilty and contesting a DUI is the best way to assert your innocence.

Reckless Driving Plea

A DUI charge can be reduced to a reckless driving charge in traffic court. Proving there was a faulty testing device or an unjust search can enable you to plea bargain down to reckless driving. This lesser charge could avoid additional points on your driving record, stop large fines from being imposed and avert or reduce jail time.

A reckless driving charge:

  • Has a smaller fine
  • Won’t ruin your driving record
  • Allows you to keep your license
  • Doesn’t mandate an ignition-interlock device
  • Reduces probation time
  • Can shorten or avert a jail sentence

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