Traffic Court Santa Cruz

Traffic Courthouse in Santa Cruz

Most traffic tickets in Santa Cruz can be contested. It may seem simple enough to just pay the fine and move on, but you may need to prove your innocence. A DUI charge, for example, is not easily walked away from.

You have the right to assert your innocence through a not-guilty plea. You will still be required to pay the bail and schedule a date to appear in the traffic ticket court on Ocean Street, but you’ll have an opportunity to contest or reduce the charge.

How You Can Fight a DUI Charge

Contesting a DUI is not an unusual occurrence in the Santa Cruz traffic court, especially when breathalyzer tests have been proven to show false positives. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test, however, results in an automatic driver’s license suspension under California law. This compels drivers to submit to field testing even with the risk of falsely showing a high blood alcohol level.

If you’ve been charged with DUI you have the right to dispute it to help reduce fines, penalties and points on your driving record. In some circumstances, a DUI can be reduced to reckless driving, which could result in a lower fine and reduced jail sentencing. Considering the seriousness of the situation, you should proceed with an experienced DUI lawyer. Our attorneys at The Ticket Clinic are the best source for the help you’ll need.

A Successful Plea Bargain Can Reduce the Charge

If you’re facing a DUI charge it may be possible to enter a plea bargain for a reckless driving charge. Sometimes called a “wet reckless” charge, this results in a lesser punishment than a DUI.

The benefits of a reduced charge are:

  • Keeping your driver’s license
  • No DUI points
  • Lowered fines
  • Shorter jail sentence
  • Less probation time
  • No ignition-interlock device required

Don’t Let DUI Be a Life-Changer

Whether it’s a minor Santa Cruz traffic ticket or serious DUI charge, we’ve been helping drivers contest and reduce charges for over 30 years.  Contact us now online or at 1-800-2846 to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help you.