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5 Consequences Of Reckless Driving

The dangers of reckless driving

What is reckless driving in California? According to state law, any driver who recklessly or carelessly disregards the safety of other motorists while operating a vehicle can be ticketed for reckless driving. This is a broad definition, and individuals can receive a reckless driving charge for anything from excessive speeding to texting while driving. Reckless […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Fighting A Traffic Ticket

Getting a Los Angeles traffic ticket can be a nightmare; what with the high fines and other penalties like points on your license and the possibility of suspension; you may even find that your insurance premiums go up. But you don’t have to make the city’s or county’s work easy for them by paying up or pleading […]

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Know Traffic Tickets Can Increase Your Car Insurance Rate

Traffic tickets may be issued for any of these offenses: moving violations(speeding, running a red light), criminal violations (drinking and driving, causing damage and/or death in an accident), and non-moving violations (like overdue parking meters, expired licence plates, illegal parking, etc). You can always choose to protest your innocence and fight the tickets in court […]

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Speeding Tickets & Teenagers

Although teenagers appear to be saddled with a bad reputation when it comes to driving, it doesn’t seem fair for a 16 year old speeding ticket to carry a more severe punishment than a ticket issued to someone in their forties. California, however, considers teens to be drivers who are still in training. Since most […]

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Tips For Beating a Suspended License

You have become the victim of Los Angeles traffic ticket for allegedly jumping the red light. This is not the end of the road for you. You can beat the possibility of having your license suspended by paying heed to a few easy tips that would become your saviour. Easy tips Pictures snapped by cameras […]

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What Should You Do When You Get Your First Red Light Ticket

Red light ticket California can leaves you frustrated and fuming owing to their outrageous nature; they are known for that. The high fines are a torment mentally and for your wallets. You can, however, alleviate the distresses imposed by playing smart. Red light ticket: Your strategy to beat it Red light cameras have to conform […]

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