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What A Traffic Ticket Can Do to Your CDL in California

What A Traffic Ticket Can Do to Your CDL in California For a professional truck driver, the CDL is essential for being able to earn a paycheck. Loss of your CDL could have serious consequences for you in California, which is why you need an attorney who can help you with these charges as soon [...] continue reading »

5 Consequences Of Reckless Driving

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The dangers of reckless driving

What is reckless driving in California? According to state law, any driver who recklessly or carelessly disregards the safety of other motorists while operating a vehicle can be ticketed for reckless driving. This is a broad definition, and individuals can receive a reckless driving charge for anything from excessive speeding to texting while driving. Reckless […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Fighting A Traffic Ticket

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Getting a Los Angeles traffic ticket can be a nightmare; what with the high fines and other penalties like points on your license and the possibility of suspension; you may even find that your insurance premiums go up. But you don’t have to make the city’s or county’s work easy for them by paying up or pleading […]

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How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket and Protect your License

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It’s not uncommon for drivers to want to know how to beat a red light camera ticket. Red light violations are usually captured by a camera and a ticket with a letter that mentions the fine and the date of payment is sent to the offender. Most tickets can be contested in traffic court including […]

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Know Traffic Tickets Can Increase Your Car Insurance Rate

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Traffic tickets may be issued for any of these offenses: moving violations(speeding, running a red light), criminal violations (drinking and driving, causing damage and/or death in an accident), and non-moving violations (like overdue parking meters, expired licence plates, illegal parking, etc). You can always choose to protest your innocence and fight the tickets in court […]

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How to Evaluate Your Chances of Fighting a Speeding Ticket Charge Using Ticket Clinic $99

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You have been over-speeding and have received a traffic ticket with hefty charges; this was really unexpected. Your driving record will be charged with one point. You feel stupefied as the shadow of the charges loom large on your mind. Don’t’ panic. You have chances to fight theLos Angeles speeding ticketcharges successfully. Evaluating your chances […]

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