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5 Ways to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

Almost every driver runs a red light every now and then. Unfortunately, getting a red light camera ticket can be quite costly for you. You obviously don’t want to pay your traffic ticket–no one does. But did you know there are practical and easy ways to get one dismissed? Here are some tips for getting […]

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5 Reasons to Fight a Speeding Ticket


Almost anywhere, people speed. However, if you get caught, you may be seriously inconvenienced. Although it may not seem too severe, you still want to hire an all traffic offense attorney to provide you with an effective speeding ticket fix. Risk of License Suspension Every traffic infraction puts points on your record. In California, if […]

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Top 10 Cars Most Likely to Be Pulled Over


Even if you are doing your best to avoid going over the speed limit, changing lanes without signaling, and you are observing all the traffic laws you know, certain drivers just find themselves being pulled over more often than others. It helps to know who to call for a speeding ticket fix, but if you’re […]

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Marijuana Legalization and Driving Laws in California

What happens if you’re accused of ingesting or smoking marijuana while operating a vehicle or just before hitting the road? It turns out that with marijuana legalization, there are complicated questions about drugged driving and whether or not the tests can accurately capture whether you’re under the influence or not. Our traffic ticket lawyers in [...] continue reading »

What A Traffic Ticket Can Do to Your CDL in California

What A Traffic Ticket Can Do to Your CDL in California For a professional truck driver, the CDL is essential for being able to earn a paycheck. Loss of your CDL could have serious consequences for you in California, which is why you need an attorney who can help you with these charges as soon [...] continue reading »