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5 Lawful Reasons for Speeding


Even if you’re a safe and experienced driver, you may end up getting pulled over for speeding. You may assume you have no choice but to get an expensive ticket and pay it. However, there are ways to get a speeding ticket fix and avoid having points on your driving record. In some circumstances, you […]

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2018 New Laws for California Drivers


Each year, millions of California motorists take to the roads without knowledge of new legislation. This can be a costly mistake, as being in violation of driving laws may carry hefty penalties. Before you find yourself in need of a reckless driving ticket lawyer, take note of what’s changed. Understand the New Laws Here are […]

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What to Know About the Flow of Traffic vs. Speed Limit


At a glance, speed limits seem straightforward: just drive under the required number. A commonly held belief that complicates this issue is the idea that this can be ignored if you are going with the “flow of traffic.” Can this line of reasoning really be a simple speeding ticket fix? How Strict Are Speed Laws? […]

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5 Ways to Postpone Your Court Appearance for Drunk Driving


You have a right to a speedy trial. However, your all traffic offense attorney may suggest postponing your court appearance for your benefit. The charges could be dropped if delayed long enough, or, at the very least, the prosecution may be open to more lenient charges to get the case over with. Time to Prepare […]

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5 Ways to Fight a Stop Sign Ticket

Rolling stops are illegal in California, and police are on the lookout for motorists who indulge in them. They set themselves up near stop signs and wait for violators. If you’ve been found guilty of such an infraction, or maybe have outright run a stop sign, you need to know how to fight a stop […]

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How Does a Cell Phone Ticket Impact Your Driving Record?

Some people who get traffic tickets wonder, “How long does a speeding ticket affect your insurance?” or “How does a cell phone ticket impact your driving record?” As with many things, that varies. For example, if this newest ticket is just the latest one in a long line of tickets or accidents, it could have […]

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5 Ways Police Bust People for Cell Phone Use


No one needs to inform you that you shouldn’t text and drive–you already know this with all the constant awareness campaigns going around. But even though you know you shouldn’t do it, sometimes you do. Your phone helps you stay connected and it can be difficult to resist using it while you drive. If you […]

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5 Facts to Know About Driving on a Suspended License in CA

It’s happened to even the most responsible people, driving on a suspended license. Whether it’s due to ignorance, forgetfulness, or an emergency, some drivers have found themselves in this situation – pulled over and charged with driving on a suspended license in California. Here are five things to know if it happens to you. It’s […]

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4 Ways to Postpone Your Court Appearance for a Traffic Ticket


An all traffic offense attorney may recommend postponing your court appearance for your traffic ticket. Any kind of ticket, from running a stop sign to speeding, can result in hefty fines and points on your record. Delaying the court date is a strategy your Los Angeles ticket attorney may implement to increase the chances of […]

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5 Ways to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

Almost every driver runs a red light every now and then. Unfortunately, getting a red light camera ticket can be quite costly for you. You obviously don’t want to pay your traffic ticket–no one does. But did you know there are practical and easy ways to get one dismissed? Here are some tips for getting […]

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