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Speeding Tickets & Teenagers

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Although teenagers appear to be saddled with a bad reputation when it comes to driving, it doesn’t seem fair for a 16 year old speeding ticket to carry a more severe punishment than a ticket issued to someone in their forties. California, however, considers teens to be drivers who are still in training. Since most people learn from their mistakes, it’s assumed that harsher penalties will result in young drivers learning the rules faster.

Getting a Los Angeles traffic ticket can make anyone go “Oh No!!” but it’s all the more problematic for a teenage driver. The laws are stricter when it comes to minors driving; this is because, though they make up less than 4% of the total drivers, 20% of serious and fatal accidents involve teenagers.

As such, there are several restrictions on teenage drivers. Under California Law, they are subject to the restrictions of a provisional license. This means that teenage drivers:

The exception to this rule is for medical or other emergencies.

Avoiding the Harsher Penalties

Depending upon the circumstances, even a teen’s first time traffic ticket could result in a license suspension or being put on probation. After receiving a teenage speeding ticket, however, there is the option to fight it.

If you’re a teen facing a speeding charge:

Consequences For Teenage Drivers

If a teenager is cited for speeding over the limit, they will have to face the following consequences:

Points are added onto the license; two points in a 12 month period can result in the license being restricted. This means they will only be able to drive with a licensed driver over 25 years of age in the vehicle. Based on the situation and discretion of the authorities, the license may also be suspended temporarily.

  1. Fines are usually higher for teenage drivers – whether it’s for speeding or Red light ticket Los Angeles; California has very high fines as it is, so it’s not unusual to see fines of $400 being cited for teenagers, especially if they are 20 or 30 miles over the limit
  2. Community service – depending on the severity of the offense, the court will decide how many hours of service the teenager should serve to make up for their erratic driving.
  3. Driving School: the teenager will have to spend a few hours at a driving school, learning safe driving techniques, which will cost the parents quite a bit.
  4. Insurance: You can be certain that your auto insurance rates are going to be bumped up significantly.

Keep in mind that if your speeding or running a red light causes an accident, the consequences will be even more severe.

What To Do If Your Teen Gets a Ticket

Don’t go at it alone — show up with an attorney. If there’s any reason for the judge to believe you are not ready to handle the responsibilities of driving, your license could be in jeopardy. By showing up in court with an attorney experienced in teenage speeding ticket issues you have a better chance of the judge viewing your case favorably. If you’re a teen driver who has been charged with a speeding or red light camera ticket, you can choose not to pay up, and fight it in court. At Ticket Clinic, we have experienced traffic attorneys who will represent you in court and help you reduce or dismiss the charges. Call us for Free at 1(800) 248-2846 to know more and for a free consultation!