Traffic Court Mariposa

Traffic Courthouse in Mariposa County

Being known as the small town without a stop light you might wonder what sort of traffic violations are issued in Mariposa. Regardless of the nature of the ticket, it can still be disputed in traffic court if you feel it was issued unfairly.

Contesting a Mariposa traffic ticket can be an interesting legal process since it requires a trip to a landmark building. Constructed in 1854, the courthouse on Bullion Street is the oldest in California. If your goal is to contest a ticket, however, you’ll most likely be more interested in a successful outcome than the courthouse’s history. Our attorneys at The Ticket Clinic can help ensure that your trip to the Bullion Street courthouse is both interesting and successful.

DUI Charges in Mariposa

Mariposa attracts tourists from all over the world and you can spend time in an Old West saloon and tour Yosemite in the same day. You’ll need to get from one point to another and it’s not unusual to be pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test, however, leads to a license suspension in California.

If you’ve been charged with DUI, contesting the charge is not uncommon because the breathalyzers used for field testing can provide false positives. Successfully disputing a DUI in traffic ticket court could lead to a lesser punishment.

Reducing a DUI Charge

One of the ways a DUI charge can be reduced is to plea bargain for a reckless driving offense, which is also known as a “wet reckless” charge. This could help prevent a severe life-altering penalty.

We can help reduce a DUI charge or penalties by:

  • Showing the field equipment was not correctly calibrated
  • Proving the officer did not have probable cause
  • Plea bargaining
  • Asserting your right to keep your driver’s license
  • Arguing for a shorter probation period
  • Relying upon witnesses and other evidence

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