Traffic Court Glenn

Traffic Courthouse in Glenn County

You were traveling a lonely road in Glenn County, listening to your favorite song, and you decided to push down the gas pedal a little. Maybe you wanted to show off with movie-style turns on some backroads, confident that no one was around. Suddenly a little seemingly harmless fun has you in front of flashing lights with a reckless driving charge. Are your glory days gone for good?

Not with the right traffic ticket attorneys. True, reckless driving is a serious misdemeanor offense  in California that can lead to:

  • Multiple points added to your driver’s license
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Imprisonment
  • License suspension
  • Significant fines

By getting help to fight your Glenn traffic ticket there’s a good chance you can avoid these penalties completely or at least lessen the charges against you.

Traffic Courts in Glenn County, California

There are two traffic courts in the immediate vicinity of Glenn County, California. The traffic court in Orland is located at 821 East South Street in the Orland Superior Court. The county seat of Willows also has a traffic court in the Willows Superior Court at 526 West Sycamore Street.

What Steps To Take

Once you decide to fight, the first step is to contact attorneys with extensive experience handling the exact type of charge you’re facing. At The Ticket Clinic, that means reckless driving, speeding tickets, red light tickets, DUIoffenses and more. This step is essential because the court will not assign you legal counsel.

We can help you locate witnesses to defend your side of matters. We’re also legally authorized to review testimony, consider evidence, cross examine officers and file motions in traffic ticket court to dismiss based on lack of evidence. If authorities can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt – or fail to follow strict evidence handling protocols – that your behavior was actually a crime, your case will be dismissed.

Trust Us To Protect Your Record

At The Ticket Clinic, our 80 percent success rate gives motorists strong reasons to trust in our experience. Let us take care of everything. Call 1 (800) 248-2846 or fill out our online form for a free consultation right away.