Redding Traffic Courts

Any driver in the area is at risk of getting a Redding traffic ticket. That is true even for the most careful or accident-free drivers. For example, you might not notice that the speed limit has dropped, or police officers use malfunctioning equipment to ticket you. Lawyers with The Ticket Clinic have worked on more than 3 million cases spanning several decades. That collective experience enabled us to devise a checklist to fight for your rights. We keep police officers and other authorities accountable for their actions.

Why Drivers in Redding Get Ticketed

These alleged offenses, among others, can lead to traffic tickets:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • DUI
  • Accidents
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Texting and driving

Sometimes, the alleged offenses lead to charges, depending on the circumstances and severity of what may have happened.

Many drivers see tickets as a necessary part of life and pay them. However, a good number of drivers who take their case to traffic ticket court in Redding end up successful. Lawyers with The Ticket Clinic have an 80% success rate with reductions and dismissals.

How The Ticket Clinic Helps Drivers

The Ticket Clinic is staffed by licensed lawyers offering extensive traffic-related representation. We are not an app or a company that tries to collect your money and hand you off to someone else. Here, you can find a Redding reckless driving lawyer who fights for your rights and who strives to keep police officers accountable. We are unafraid to go to trial when that is necessary. Here are some reasons we may be able to get your ticket reduced or dismissed:

  • Our 22-item checklist honed and perfected over years of experience
  • Our willingness to go to trial
  • The reduced likelihood of police officers, witnesses and others to show up to testify
  • Our reputation

We represent ordinary, everyday drivers as well as drivers with commercial licenses. The reality is that many factors contribute to a traffic stop and to a ticket. Traffic radar equipment and other types of equipment do not always get maintained and fixed as they should. Maintenance logs aren’t always updated. Record-keeping gets sloppy. Police officers do not always have legitimate reasons to pull drivers over. Our 22-item checklist touches on these areas and many others.

We go to traffic court Redding when we need to. It’s a critical step to make sure that authorities operate lawfully with well-maintained, accurate equipment and do not subject drivers to illegal stops. Accountability is why, even if you believe yourself guilty of the traffic offense, you may want to fight, anyway. You have every reason to stand up for your rights.

Think about Your Future

Enlisting a Redding speeding ticket lawyer could mean that no points (or fewer points) go on your license. You are not at risk of a suspended license like you would have been if you paid the ticket. Your insurance rates stay stable instead of skyrocketing, and you may not have to spend precious time taking a court-ordered driving class.

The Ticket Clinic offers free and convenient online consultations. Submit this online form to get started, or give us a call at 1-800-248-2846.