Mission Viejo

Real Traffic Attorneys in Mission Viejo

Pulled over? Don’t panic. When you receive a traffic violation, it does not mean you are entirely guilty. As with all charges, you have rights. Get your day in court with real representation from a Mission Viejo traffic attorney. At Ticket Clinic, our team of attorneys have helped thousands of drivers lower their fines and preserve their driving privileges. Let us help you with your legal defense to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to.

Our Legal Services

With over 30 years’ experience defending drivers across the country, our network of attorneys can help with virtually any moving violation. Whether you need a Mission Viejo DUI ticket fixer or an attorney to fight your reckless driving ticket, we can present a defense on your behalf. Along with a full team of Mission Viejo speeding lawyers, we also provide:

  • Red Light Camera Attorneys
  • Accident Ticket Lawyers
  • Careless Driving Attorneys
  • DUI Defense
  • Real, In-Person Representation

While there are hundreds of so-called ticket fixers throughout Southern California, only with Ticket Clinic are you guaranteed the services of a real Los Angeles ticket attorney. We do much more than simply file paperwork and bureaucratically contest tickets–we fight for you. When you work with one of our attorneys, you get a dedicated legal counsel who argues your case in court in front of a judge.

Attention to Detail

In our years of fighting traffic tickets for our clients, we’ve learned to pay attention to every facet of the case. From procedural errors to wrongful targeting, we can identify where the law failed. To achieve this, we work closely with every client, getting to know the details of each specific case. Other ticket fixers won’t do that for you. In fact, when their resources fail, we’re the ones they turn to. To get legal representation today, give us a call at 1-800-248-2846 or contact us online.

What Our Clients Are Saying

They were extremely helpful with my case. And my case was dismissed. No points on my driving record. Thanks to The Ticket Clinic!”-Jasmine M., Mission Viejo