Laguna Hills

Protecting Your Future with the Help of an Experienced Traffic Law Team

Laguna Hills DUI tickets are a serious issue, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your vehicle could be impounded, your driving privileges revoked or your freedom placed at risk. Luckily, you have options and don’t have to simply accept the cards you’ve been dealt. Our DUI Task Force at The Ticket Clinic takes a team-oriented approach to defending your case and works to protect your rights, and your good name.

Defending DUI Charges for Over 30 Years

Since The Ticket Clinic was founded in 1987, we have defended three million Laguna Hills speeding tickets, suspended licenses, DUIs, and other traffic-related violations. A Laguna Hills traffic attorney from our firm will explore every path toward helping you achieve the best possible outcome to your legal problems.

Getting Your License Back

Whether due to unpaid tickets, a DUI conviction, or other factors, having your driver’s license suspended can be more than just an inconvenience. Beyond not being able to do everyday things, the loss of your driving privileges may also affect your job or employment opportunities. Familiar with the strategies best suited for seeing your right to operate a motor vehicle gets reinstated, a suspended license lawyer from The Ticket Clinic will walk you through the process of getting your license back.

Challenging the Evidence Against You

If you failed roadside sobriety tests or had a high breath test reading, you may feel like the evidence against you is insurmountable. Our DUI ticket attorney and expert witnesses review the circumstances of your stop and analyze every aspect of your test to ensure the proper techniques were used and that your rights weren’t violated at any point in the process.

Working with The Ticket Clinic

We understand the anxiety and fear you may experience if your license or freedom is in jeopardy, which is why we’re here to fight alongside you every step of the way. To learn more about our services, call us at 1-800-CITATION (248-2846) or contact us online.