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Defend Your Huntington Beach Traffic Charge

Few places epitomize beach culture better than Huntington Beach, with its excellent surfing, temperate climate, and laid-back vibe. However, what’s not awesome is when you get a traffic ticket. Whether it’s for a DUI, reckless driving, a car accident, a fix-it, a red light, or a suspended license, it’s a major stressor.

Consider turning to The Ticket Clinic law firm. We combine nearly 30 years of experience, a deep knowledge of which steps police officers tend to skip or forget about, and a nationwide success rate that exceeds 80 percent. Bottom line: Many of our clients consider us the best accident ticket attorneys they’ve ever had.

A Knowledgeable Law Firm

We know our stuff, as evidenced by the comprehensive 22-item checklist detailing the areas that police officers and prosecutors must follow. Even just one forgotten thing could lead to your charges being reduced or dropped. Here are some other things we often do that other services might not:

  • We’re unafraid to go to trial when necessary.
  • We’ll work to help you avoid traffic school.
  • We’ll make the other side prove their case.

Whether it’s a Huntington Beach speeding ticket lawyer or a Huntington Beach DUI ticket lawyer you want, you can look to us for comprehensive service.

Why Get a Firm?

But do you really need a law firm in the first place? Yes, most likely. For one thing, if you accept your ticket or charge and not fight it, it could eventually lead to a criminal conviction that dogs you the rest of your life. For example, being found guilty of a reckless driving charge is a criminal conviction. Even “mere” misdemeanor charges can mean you have to answer “yes” to criminal conviction questions on job applications. On the other hand, reckless driver ticket fixers may be able to help.

Best-case scenarios, if you choose not to fight it, could include increased insurance premiums, and, if you amass enough tickets in a certain time frame, loss of your license.

Get in Touch Today

You get a top-quality traffic ticket attorney in Huntington Beach, CA, with The Ticket Clinic. Call right away at 1-800-CITATION (248-2846) or fill out this online form.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Waited patiently for time to go by for my case. Anytime I had a feeling that I wasn’t sure what was going on I gave them a call. My hired attorney got extensions and was a few months for case to end. Rather than on multiple days to take time off of work which cost me $240 a day plus parking $ and gas to get there, I paid my $200 and was pleased. It would have been over $750 just to go to court myself. Hello people~ take the chance and get back to work. My case was dismissed and I am pleased. Thank you.” – Brian B., Huntington Beach