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Granite Bay

Many drivers who get a Granite Bay traffic ticket accept it and pay it. The thought of challenging the ticket may briefly cross their mind but goes no further. That could be a mistake. For one thing, tickets usually mean more points on driving records. One ticket can mean the difference between you being able to drive legally and having to deal with a suspended license. For another thing, your car insurance rates could go up significantly. That does not have to happen. The Ticket Clinic lawyers are here to help drivers going to traffic ticket court in Granite Bay.

Going to Court Is Worth the Effort

Whether you have a red light ticket in Granite Bay or have been ticketed for alleged offenses such as speeding, reckless driving, DUI or texting and driving, contesting the ticket is often worthwhile. A couple of the reasons are listed above—the potential for insurance rate hikes and the fact that tickets could eventually lead to license suspension. Here are some more reasons:

  • You may be ordered to take a driving class. Going to court takes time, but a driving class is a steep time investment.
  • Tickets have indirect costs, and they are not always financial. For example, if you lose your license, you may have to take the bus to work. That could mean hours added to your commute.
  • You might believe you are guilty and deserve to pay the fine. You still have the right to fight your ticket and to mount a defense. Equipment goes wrong all the time, and police officers get careless. Sometimes, they even write down information that does not stand up to scrutiny.
  • If you have a CDL, you could lose it and your job.

Of the drivers who fight their tickets, many see outright dismissals. If that does not happen, a frequent outcome is a lesser fine or charge. Police officers do not always appear to testify about the tickets they issued. Nor do manufacturers, service technicians and police officers always appear to discuss the maintenance of a certain piece of equipment. Witnesses may give conflicting accounts about what happened before the ticket was issued.

The Ticket Clinic Helps You Fight

Our lawyers use a comprehensive checklist to uncover errors made by police and others. Even if the errors amount to technicalities, authorities must be held accountable. Our checklist proves fruitful much more often than people realize.

  • The Ticket Clinic lawyers have represented clients in more than 3 million cases and have extensive experience in multiple states.
  • We represent drivers facing a wide range of tickets and charges.
  • Our clients include everyday drivers, CDL license holders, independent operators and fleet owners.
  • Our lawyers can use extenuating circumstances to try to get a ticket dismissed or reduced.
  • We are not a smartphone app or a service that refers you to a law firm.
  • Our lawyers are licensed and unafraid to take cases to court.

A Granite Bay reckless driving ticket lawyer with our firm can take any of many approaches to fight your ticket. There is the aforementioned checklist, for example. If your driving record is clear, that helps in traffic court Granite Bay as well. Even if you have a lot of points and tickets, we still work to build a valid case for ticket reduction or dismissal. Reach out to us online or by phone at 1-800-248-2846.