The Experience You Need to Successfully Fight Traffic Tickets in Encinitas

Traffic on I-5 isn’t always bumper to bumper. There are times when it sails along at 70 MPH or higher, and even careful drivers who go with the flow may end up with an Encinitas speeding ticket. Don’t try to fight it alone. At The Ticket Clinic, we have handled upwards of three million cases nationwide with an 80 percent success rate. Let us put that experience to work for you to contest speeding tickets and other moving violations, including:

Many people are unsure of how to fight a ticket or simply don’t have the time. Hiring an Encinitas traffic attorney from The Ticket Clinic who is well-versed with the law enables you to navigate the system with ease and protect your driving record by using the best defense possible based on your unique situation. You may not even have to appear in court!

Proven Defense Strategies

No two cases are alike. We gather all the facts surrounding your moving violation to determine what strategy to use. Our attorneys know the nuances of various law enforcement methods used to measure speed, including pace clocks, lasers, radars, and cameras. We may be able to challenge the method used, the reliability of the device, or even the officer’s level of training on the device.

Similarly, poor road conditions such as a missing stop sign, potholes, or debris may be to blame for an automobile accident, rather than reckless driving. A careless driving attorney from The Ticket Clinic knows what types of flaws to look for in accident reports and how to fight citations issued in conjunction with an accident.

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Speeding tickets and other traffic citations can have long-lasting effects on your driving record. Whether you need the aid of an Encinitas red light camera ticket lawyer or a general traffic attorney, contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options. An experienced attorney at The Ticket Clinic can help you decide whether challenging the ticket is your best option.