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Fight Your Ben Lomond Traffic Ticket With an Affordable Attorney


Even the most careful drivers can find themselves subject to a traffic ticket that could eventually cost much more than the issued fine. Increased insurance rates and possible court fees should you fight the ticket and lose can add up quickly. If you feel you are being fined unfairly and you need a traffic ticket lawyer in Ben Lomond, contact The Ticket Clinic for help.

Experienced and Reputable

The Ticket Clinic is a law firm established in 1987, and our attorneys are skilled at defending drivers’ rights in a variety of cases:

  • Reckless driving
  • Accidents
  • Red light violations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Suspended licenses
  • DUI charges

Should you need an illegal U turn ticket lawyer in Ben Lomond, make The Ticket Clinic your first call. In fact, our skilled attorneys will defend you against charges of any traffic offense. If necessary, they will go to court in your place, saving you valuable time and effort. Our attorneys are actual practicing professionals, and the cost of hiring us to protect your rights can be less than the ticket fine.

Strong Defense

Whether you need a reckless driving ticket lawyer or a Ben Lomond DUI attorney, we can help. First, a real attorney reviews your case using a 22-point checklist we created. This list summarizes every document an issuing officer must produce as well as all necessary testimony needed to prove the case against you. If one point is missed, we could get your case dismissed.

If your case does proceed, we stand with you. Our knowledge of law enforcement equipment and procedures as well as our experience and high success rates mean we know how to defend you effectively.

Find Out More

If you have received Ben Lomond traffic camera tickets or have been fined for any traffic offense, The Ticket Clinic can help. Call us at1-800-248-2846or use our online contact form to find out more about our services.

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