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The San Francisco Bay Area is a busy and hectic place. You get stuck in traffic, have trouble finding parking, and get driving citations. That’s why you need to get help from a San Francisco traffic ticket attorney from the Ticket Clinic. Whether you need legal help with a speeding ticket or DUI charge, make sure you get help from experienced and skilled lawyers.

Innovative Legal Counsel

The Bay Area is home to the most innovative companies. Here at the Ticket Clinic, we’re dedicated to the cutting-edge culture of the Bay. We strive to bring that motivational spirit to each of our clients who are facing traffic difficulties. Our local Bay Area attorneys are prepared to remedy your legal issues.

Don’t Just Pay the Ticket

As soon as you receive a traffic ticket, you may think you need to pay it right away, but you have another option. You can contact a reckless driving ticket fixer to eliminate your ticket. If you wait too long, you may end up with monetary fines, points on your driver’s license, and be forced to attend a traffic course. Even though just paying the traffic citation may seem easy, you know that this might be unnecessarily expensive. Get help from a San Francisco red light camera lawyer and you may not need to pay anything.

We Advocate for You

No matter what traffic issue you’re facing, our attorneys are ready to help. Our practice areas include:

Did you cause a collision and injure someone? Do you simply need help reinstating your driver’s license? Whatever it is, you can rely on the Ticket Clinic to help.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thanks to attorney Michael Bae my ticket of a possible red light, speeding, reckless no signal lane change was all dismissed.  No hassle and I didn’t even have to show up at court.  The Ticket Clinic said they would take care of it and they did.  I was expecting at least some fines and traffic school plus points on my record but none of that happened.  Magic of Michael Bae!” Ben L., San Francisco