The Most Common Road Sign Traffic Tickets

June 4, 2018

Most traffic signs are straightforward and easy to follow. However, there are some that are constantly disregarded. If you disobey a road sign, you may need a traffic ticket lawyer to help you with a red light ticket defense. Here are some of the most commonly disobeyed traffic signs.

No Left or Right Turn Signs

Certain areas have signs that prohibit you from turning in particular directions. You may not be allowed to turn left or right at specific intersections due to the unique flow of traffic in those areas. However, if you’re not used to these signs, you may not notice them and make a turn anyway. If you make an illegal turn, you may get in a crash and need the best accident ticket lawyers from The Ticket Clinic.

Stop Signs

One of the most prominent traffic signs is the stop sign. You probably see a lot of these every day. They’re self-explanatory and usually easy to notice. However, you may not properly regard them all the time. Some stop signs may be obstructed by trees or you may simply not have the patience. Perhaps you are driving late at night with no one around and think it’s not a big deal to roll through the intersection. If a cop catches you doing this, you may need to reach out to a reckless driving ticket fixer.

No U-Turn Signs 

Sometimes you need to reverse course when you’re driving. If you miss your turn, you may need to make a U-turn to make it to your destination. However, U-turns are not allowed at every intersection. If you make an unlawful U-turn, you may face hefty fines and skyrocketing insurance premiums.

These road signs are the most likely to get you a traffic violation. If a cop catches you disobeying a road sign or going above the speed limit, contact The Ticket Clinic for a speeding ticket fix.