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Medical Conditions and License Suspension in California

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The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can issue a drivers license medical suspension if a person has a physical or mental health condition that affects his or her ability to drive safely. If you feel your license has been suspended in error, a suspended license lawyer can advocate on your behalf.

What Conditions Result in a Medical License Suspension?

You may have your California drivers license suspended for medical conditions if you have any health issue that impairs your ability to safely operate your vehicle. Common examples include:

Will My License Automatically Be Suspended?

Are you wondering is my license suspended California? If you have a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s or epilepsy that is characterized by lapse in consciousness, your doctor is required to make a report to the DMV.

For other health conditions, the doctor has the discretion to decide whether to make a report depending on whether he or she feels your driving skills are impaired. Concerned friends and family as well as law enforcement officials can also make a report to the DMV if they are worried about a motorist’s ability to drive safely because of a health problem.

Can I Get My License Back?

If you want to contest your California medical license suspension, you have the right to request a hearing within 10 days of receiving the suspension notice. This hearing, also known as a physical and mental evaluation, includes a driving test, vision and hearing test and full discussion of your medical status. Instead of a suspension, you could receive your license back or you could be granted a probationary license.

Before contesting your California license suspension, hire a qualified traffic ticket lawyer to help build your case as a safe driver. He or she can provide the necessary documentation to argue for license restoration, including medical records and clinical research.