California Driving With the Flow of Traffic Ticket

June 27, 2019

Posted speed limits are straightforward figures displayed on roadside boards, and the law requires motorists to drive at or under that number. However, a problem arises when you find yourself driving with the flow of traffic in California and you notice your speed is well over the speed limit. When you are one of many traveling 10 or 20 miles an hour past the limit, can police officers give you a ticket? Speeding ticket lawyers from California admit it can be a problem in modern traffic situations.

California Traffic

Anyone who drives in California knows how difficult it can be to navigate the highways and freeways of the state any time of the day or night. Cars on these roads can be found engaging in a wide range of unsafe practices:

  • Moving at a crawl
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Speeding along together

You may wonder what happens if you are traveling at the same speed as all the other vehicles around you, but that speed is well over the posted limit. If you are simply keeping up with all the other cars in your lane, does the flow of traffic law Californiamean you could still get a speeding ticket? The short answer is yes.

Personal Responsibility

According to California law, the posted limit is the absolute maximum allowable speed for all automobiles except for emergency vehicles. Whether the other motorists around your own vehicle are traveling at speeds in excess of the law does not keep you from being responsible for your own actions. The posted limit is meant for all vehicles on the road individually, and few exemptions are given.

If you find yourself fighting a citation under the California speeding ticket law, you can contact speeding and reckless driving lawyers near you and let them help you by using trusted defense tactics. California traffic attorneys have the skills and experience to help you fight the ticket.