Traffic Ticket Fresno

How To Take Your Ticket to Traffic Court in Fresno

There are tons of legitimate reasons why you might end up on the wrong end of a speeding ticket in and around Fresno. Life is full of real emergencies that can cause anyone to get distracted momentarily or miss a speed limit sign. Plus, the state of California is notorious for its speed traps – areas with signs that are poorly illuminated or barely visible – where officers sit in wait to snag unsuspecting drivers unfairly.

No matter the reason, traffic violations of any kind in Fresno are a costly prospect. The base fine starts at a little over $35 and quickly balloons into hundreds of dollars due to endless penalty assessments tacked on:

  • Emergency medical services fund penalty assessment – 20 percent of base fine
  • DNA identification fund penalty assessment – 40 percent of base fine
  • County penalty assessment – 70 percent of base fine
  • State penalty assessment – 100 percent of base fine

This is why it’s vital to make the decision to fight your traffic ticket as soon as possible, and then contact our experienced team of traffic ticket attorneys.

Where to Find Traffic Court in Fresno

If you’re worried about spending too much time traveling to a California court, you can breathe easy. There’s a traffic court directly in Fresno that can hear you case. The Fresno traffic ticket court is located at the M Street Courthouse, at 2317 Tuolumne Street in Fresno. It’s likely that you’ll receive a notification informing you to appear or pay bail, but it’s best not to wait to start your legal process.

What To Expect With a Traffic Ticket Lawyer By Your Side

Whether you’re contesting a speeding ticket or a red light ticket, our trustworthy team of traffic lawyers represent you in traffic ticket court completely. We can interview witnesses, present evidence and submit motions to dismiss your case because of sloppy or incomplete police work. Our 30 years of successfully helping motorists win cases means you don’t have to worry about negative points on your license or hefty fines.

If you have received a traffic ticket, contact The Ticket Clinic right away at 1 (800) 248-2846 or via our online form.