Traffic Court Kern

Traffic Courthouse in Kern County

So, you’ve received a citation for speeding or a red light ticket in Kern County. Are you thinking that it’s not a big deal? Think again. Red light tickets in particular can carry some of the heftiest fines, and any moving violation on your record can result in driving points that may lead to your license being suspended. It’s best to take care of a Kern traffic ticket right away, but do you know what to do or where to go? A skilled traffic attorney can not only point you in the right direction but may be able to handle all the inconveniences of your court appearance for you.

Traffic Court Locations in Kern County

Kern County has seven different traffic court locations. Look at the citation you’ve received to find out which facility will be handling your case; it will be written on the ticket itself. What follows is a list of traffic ticket court locations and their addresses for your reference:

  • Mojave: 1773 State Highway 58
  • Lamont: 12022 Main Street
  • Ridgecrest: 132 East Coso Avenue
  • Delano: 1122 Jefferson Street
  • Shafter: 325 Central Valley Highway
  • Bakersfield: 3131 Arrow Street
  • Taft: 311 Lincoln Street

When a Court Appearance Is Required

You will be informed whether or not a court appearance is required in order to address the citation that you received. However, even if a court appearance is required, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to show up in court yourself. Your traffic attorney may be able to make the appearance for you. Then you can use the time that you would have spent in court going to work or taking care of your other responsibilities.

The Ticket Clinic Is Here To Help

Don’t let a relatively small issue like a speeding ticket turn into a bigger problem. An experienced lawyer from The Ticket Clinic, a law firm that has been defending California drivers for over 30 years, can help you to resolve the matter before it gets out of control. Call us today at 1-800-248-2846 or use our online form to get in contact.