Los Angeles/Silver Lake

This Office Is Closed But We Can Still Help You Fight Any California Traffic Ticket You may be unaware of the challenges you can face when you have been given a traffic ticket in Los Angeles. Even the safest drivers sometimes find themselves on the paying end of a traffic ticket, and that ticket often […]

Santa Ana

Legal Representation for Traffic Tickets in Santa Ana In the congested streets of Orange County, drivers constantly face less than ideal traffic conditions. Understandably, traffic enforcement is in full swing. However, even the safest drivers make mistakes sometimes. If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, you have rights. Tickets in California aren’t cheap and […]

Long Beach

Traffic Lawyers Serving Long Beach If you’ve ever received a speeding ticket or moving violation in Long Beach, you know how costly the consequences can be–and not just in dollars. With some violations, you risk the forfeiture of your license, higher insurance premiums and, in some cases, jail time. Even minor offenses like a Long […]

Baldwin Park

Get Help With Traffic Violations Now Maybe you got caught in an infamous California speed trap. Or perhaps you feel you were unethically targeted when the officer pulled you over last week. Either way, when you get assigned a traffic violation that you think is unjust, you should take steps to challenge it. This helps […]

Van Nuys

Fight Traffic Tickets With Help From Van Nuys Law Firm Don’t let traffic tickets in Van Nuys keep you off the road. Too many traffic violations increase your insurance rates and may lead to a suspended license. Keep your record clean by challenging a traffic ticket that was unjustly assigned. You have a right to […]


Fighting a Ticket in Glendale With The Ticket Clinic A traffic ticket for a violation such as speeding or running a red light adds points to your driving record. Accumulated points may increase your insurance rates or lead to a suspended license. The best way to contest traffic tickets in Glendale is by using an […]

West Los Angeles

Before You Pay A West Los Angeles Traffic Ticket, Call The Ticket Clinic for a Free Consultation Traffic tickets for moving violations are on the rise in California, largely due to technology such as red light cameras. While it can be an inconvenience to get that traffic ticket in the mail, paying that ticket without […]

Santa Clarita

You Can Fight Your Traffic Tickets in Santa Clarita Once you’ve gotten a traffic ticket and been left holding the citation, it can feel like a done deal. You have no choice but to take the marks on your driving record and pay whatever fines are incurred. But you do have a choice, and that […]

Beverly Hills

Affordable Representation in Upscale Beverly Hills A Beverly Hills traffic ticket is nothing to sneeze at, so contact the reliable attorneys at Ticket Clinic. You have the right to a fair trial when your license and insurance rates are at stake and experienced legal counsel can help you avoid many common pitfalls during this time. […]


Know Your Rights With Speeding Tickets If you’ve picked up speeding tickets or red light tickets in Burbank, you aren’t stuck with paying the fine and taking the hit to your driving record. You have more rights to contest the tickets than you think, but it can still be daunting to think of court costs […]