Santa Maria

Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Santa Maria

Nothing will wake you up from the dreamy scenic views of the Santa Maria Valley quite like getting a traffic ticket. The truth is that traffic tickets affect everyone, not just the reckless speed demons. Even the safest drivers can get hit with traffic citations they don’t feel that they deserve. If you’ve ever had a speeding ticket or suspended license ticket in Santa Maria, you should contact The Ticket Clinic. Our skilled team of lawyers has specialized in fighting traffic tickets for nearly 30 years.

Knowledge and Experience Lead to Success

Over the 3 decades we’ve been in business, we’ve developed business practices that have helped establish our standard of success. Our 22-item checklist is one way in which we can outline the testimony and documents an officer needs to prove the case. If even one item is missing from that list, your case may be dismissed.

Since we’ve defended over 3 million cases across the United States, we also know a thing or two about how law enforcement equipment works. California-approved devices like pace clocks, speed radar, aircraft, and VASCAR, all have specific calibration methods and rules that apply. With an 80% success rate in our cases, we know the defense strategies that work against these devices.

Traffic Tickets We Fight

No matter if you need an unpaid suspended license ticket lawyer, red light ticket lawyer, or any other traffic ticket attorney, we can take your case. We defend all traffic tickets, including:

  • Suspended License Ticket
  • Fix-It Ticket
  • Speeding Ticket
  • Reckless Driving Ticket
  • DUIs
  • Auto Accident Ticket
  • Red Light Camera Ticket

Contact the Ticket-Fighting Professionals

Fighting a traffic ticket doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Whether you are needing DUI attorneys in Santa Maria, accident ticket cleaners, or general traffic ticket attorneys, we can help. Contact us today by calling 1-800-248-2846 or filling out this online form.