San Clemente

Fight Your Ticket With Top San Clemente Ticket Fixers

San Clemente provides a popular spot for weekend getaways from San Diego and Los Angeles. However, with the extra tourist traffic comes added incentive for traffic stops. If you’ve been pulled over and need help from San Clemente traffic ticket lawyers, Ticket Clinic should be your first call. With trained attorneys who can help you with everything ranging from accidents to a speeding ticket fix, we’re the right choice for Southern California motorists looking for legal assistance.

A Proven System

As you start your search for a San Clemente DUI ticket attorney, make sure you don’t settle for a firm that’s only successful half of the time. At Ticket Clinic, we’ve been operating for over 30 years and maintain a success rate over 80 percent. Whether you’re dealing with a San Clemente red light ticket or you need a traffic accident ticket lawyer for a minor collision, we have the experience needed to maximize your chances for a positive verdict.

Real Lawyers for All of Your Needs

We’re not robots and we’re not limited to fighting one type of citation. We contest all types of tickets, including:

  • Speeding
  • Suspended license cases
  • DUI tickets
  • Traffic accidents

Unless you know traffic laws and the roads around San Clemente, you are not in the best position to fight these kinds of violations. We pride ourselves on using informed tactics and standing by our clients all of the way through trial. The attorneys at Ticket Clinic always have one primary objective: help people in need get their cases dismissed. You can’t expect an automated service to become truly invested in your case, and that’s why all of our clients work with real, qualified lawyers.

Learn About Our Services

If you’re ready to fight a traffic ticket, we’re ready to assist. Give us a call at 1-800-248-2846 to speak with someone on our team, or fill out this online contact form and get the process started ASAP.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I enlisted the help of The Ticket Clinic knowing what the outcome might be (dismissed, lowered fine, no points, driving school or nothing) .  My overall experience with the rep that took my information was great. “-Visar A., San Clemente