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The Ticket Clinic has a wealth of experience in traffic law. If you’re facing an Orange County traffic ticket, you can count on us to defend your rights and interests. Don’t listen to the court or the police officer for advice. You don’t have to pay every traffic infraction or plead guilty to every DUI charge. We may be able to get you out of your Orange County speeding ticket or driving crime. You deserve an experienced traffic attorney in Orange County working on your behalf.

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Defending Traffic Citations and Crimes

When you contact the Ticket Clinic, you’ll get a trusted Santa Ana traffic ticket lawyer to help you with any of the following issues:

  • Speeding citations
  • Red light tickets
  • Reckless driving allegations
  • Drunk driving charges
  • Causing an accident

These problems may cause you to deal with the DMV, insurance companies, and the criminal justice system. Don’t try to handle these complex processes on your own. Trust the speeding ticket fixers at the Ticket Clinic to be your advocate.

We Reduce or Eliminate the Punishments

Depending on the specifics of your case, we may be able to get the violation or prosecution against you thrown out. This may mean you don’t need to pay your tickets, enroll in traffic school, show up in court, accumulate points on your driving record, or spend time in jail. Don’t assume you need to accept all the penalties you’re being threatened with. The professional attorneys at the Ticket Clinic may be able to clear your record.

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Get in touch with the Ticket Clinic and you can get a free consultation with one of our lawyers. You can rest assured you’ll receive unparalleled legal advice based on decades of traffic ticket defending experience. We’ll advise you on your unique situation and give you the best results possible. Call our office at 1-800-632-4000 or fill out our online submission form to talk to a hardworking and knowledgeable lawyer.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was very pleased with my experience here. It was easy, only $200 (which is definitely less than I would have paid for my ticket) it took literally no effort on my part, and I was notified when it was over. All charges were dropped and nothing on my license. It was a great experience and I’m kind of shocked to be honest. Why don’t more people do this?”-Erock V., Orange County

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