Defending Oceanside Drivers for 30 Years

The city of Oceanside is somewhat walkable, but it’s much more enjoyable when you have the freedom to drive. Don’t leave tickets unpaid because you don’t think they were issued fairly—this can lead to a suspended license and have a ripple effect on everything, ranging from your employment status to your dating prospects to your chances of moving into a new home. Instead, hire a traffic lawyer in Oceanside to contest moving violations such as:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Red light tickets
  • Auto accidents
  • DUI charges

At The Ticket Clinic, we have been helping drivers like you fight tickets through proven defense strategies for nearly three decades. We examine the facts surrounding your case to determine if an officer administered a field sobriety test incorrectly or the radar equipment in a police cruiser was malfunctioning. There may be other ways that our attorneys can help as well. We are a legitimate law firm familiar with every aspect of the traffic laws in California. Consider us when you need an accident ticket cleaner.

Save Time and Money

Many people don’t seek help because they don’t think they can afford an attorney, let alone the best speeding ticket lawyer around. The services provided by the experienced team at The Ticket Clinic are quite affordable. In fact, the cost to hire an attorney to fight a speeding citation or reckless driving ticket in California is often less than paying the fine itself. You may not even have to make a court appearance when you have professional representation, saving you valuable time. If your case is successful, your driving record will remain clean—no points, no problems.

Get the Help You Need

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a speeding or accident ticket attorney in Oceanside. We have multiple locations across the State of California to serve you better.