Ready to Stop Stressing about Your Irvine Traffic Ticket?

Life in Irvine can be great. After all, look at the sunny weather, the world-class universities, the tech sector, and last but not least, the proximity to the beach. However, you may have had a trip spoiled recently by an Irvine traffic ticket.

That’s where a law firm, such as The Ticket Clinic, may be able to help. We assist clients with a wide variety of traffic issues so you can get back to enjoying what life in California has to offer.

Speeding Tickets, DUI Charges and More

We are a law firm that deals with multiple traffic offenses. For example:

  • DUI charges
  • Red light tickets
  • Fix-it tickets
  • Accident charges
  • Suspended license tickets
  • Reckless driving charges

So, whether it is an Irvine county speeding ticket lawyer or an Irvine DUI ticket attorney you need, we should have a chat. A DUI charge in particular may be more serious than you think, with a conviction hindering your job search prospects for possibly the rest of your life.

Even a speeding ticket, depending on how serious it is and whether you have other tickets, could cause your insurance payments to go up and eventually lead to you losing your driver’s license. This consequence can also occur if you are involved in an accident that leads to minimal damage on your car and someone else’s. Take some stress off your shoulders and let the accident ticket cleaners at our firm look at your case.

Facing a Suspended License?

It can be really scary if you think your license will be suspended. Maybe you moved and didn’t realize that you had unpaid tickets, or perhaps you thought you could pay them back later. Instead, the loss of your license is looming. Take action now, and consult with a suspended license attorney.

To discuss your case relating to virtually any traffic issue, fill out an online contact form or call us today at 1-800-CITATION (248-2846).

What Our Clients Are Saying

They delivered as promised! I would recommend them, and hope not, but if need be, use them!”-Kevin W., Irvine