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Strengthening Your Traffic Case in El Dorado Hills

At The Ticket Clinic, we see the effect that a traffic ticket in El Dorado Hills can have on a driver. For example, perhaps you’re barely making ends meet, and you get a notice that your driver’s license is about to be suspended—or is already suspended. How will you get to work without a license? Similarly, it takes just one reckless driving ticket in California for you to have a criminal charge that could potentially follow you around for life. That’s in addition to the jail sentence of 90 days, the several-thousand-dollars fine and license suspension you might also be subject to.

We want to help. In fact, we have a success rate nationwide that exceeds 80 percent.

Turning to The Ticket Clinic

We are a genuine law firm that offers success, price and convenience, whether you need help with El Dorado Hills red light tickets or an accident ticket cleaner. We’re not like services that promise assistance but that end up referring you to us anyway, nor are we an app. Our attorneys deal in matters such as:

  • DUI charges
  • Suspended licenses
  • Accidents
  • Speeding tickets
  • Red light tickets
  • Reckless driving charges

In fact, we represent clients in all types of traffic offenses. Even if you think you are guilty of what you are accused of, it can be worth your while to get in touch with us. Police officers and others in power must follow a careful series of steps when they issue tickets, make charges and prosecute cases, and it’s fairly common for a critical step to be skipped or done wrongly. That could mean reduced or dropped tickets/charges for you. Every person accused of something deserves to be treated fairly.

Learn What We Could Do for You

When you need an El Dorado Hills traffic attorney, The Ticket Clinic is a mere phone call or online contact away. Get in touch with us today by calling 1-800-CITATION (248-2846) or by filling out this form.