Culver City

Get Your Culver City Traffic Tickets Dismissed

You’ve always prided yourself on being an excellent driver, but that pride can get shot down the moment you get a Culver City traffic ticket. With over 4.6 million traffic citations served in California per year, odds are you’ll find yourself in an officer’s targets no matter how safely you drive. If you’ve been unfairly hit with a traffic ticket, trust the Ticket Clinic to pair you with a West LA traffic attorney capable of getting your ticket dismissed.

A Wide Variety of Cases Handled

From illegal U-turn accidents to DUIs, we offer support for a wide range of ticket types, including:

  • Accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • DUIs
  • License suspensions
  • Speeding tickets
  • Traffic violations
  • Red light tickets

Fix-It Tickets

One major frustration with traffic tickets can be “fix-it tickets,” or correctable violations. These can include busted tail lights, broken headlights, or other matters of mechanical safety and vehicle repair.

You may be asked to simply present proof of correction to have the ticket dismissed, but in the instance that you are also levied with unfair charges and penalties on your driving record, your costs start to skyrocket. Now not only do you have to pay for the repair, but also pay the ticket cost. Why face these unfair charges when you can rely on a Culver City traffic attorney to work with you to get your charges dismissed?

Trust the Ticket Cleaners

Ticket Clinic has a reputation as Culver City ticket cleaners with an outstanding history of success and an extremely high rate of defended cases. While some traffic attorneys may get a fine dismissed but leave the ticket on your record, we pride ourselves on not just clearing the fine, but clearing your record so you don’t suffer insurance penalties or face license suspension. To find out more and get a free quote, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-248-2846.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The infamous red light camera ticket caught me. Even though I entered the intersection on a yellow light, the camera still got me! I freaked out when I got the fee for the violation, $490!!!! That’s outrageous. I had a perfect driving record…until now. I called the Ticket Clinic and spoke to Henry, who was amazing! He explained the process, was pleasant and empathetic. He even suggested a groupon discount to help me save money. He’s awesome! Thank you!” -Lady T., Culver City