Chico Traffic Attorneys

Virtually any driver in Chico is at risk of getting a traffic ticket. It may take malfunctioning police equipment, a few seconds of driver inattention or an unexpected circumstance such as a new speed limit sign. Whatever the case, drivers have the right to fight their Chico traffic ticket. Lawyers with The Ticket Clinic offer vigorous representation based on a 22-item checklist honed over years of experience.

The Types of Tickets Our Drivers Recieve

Our traffic ticket lawyers Chico represent ordinary drivers and drivers with CDLs. Our clients deal with these types of tickets, among others:

  • Speeding
  • Texting and driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Accidents
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failing to signal

Paying a ticket or ignoring it completely can lead to a suspended license, increased insurance rates, court-mandated driving classes, expensive fines or job loss, among other things. For example, some drivers get their first ticket. It’s minor, and they pay it, thinking it is no big deal. However, over the next year or two, they receive several more tickets. All of a sudden, their license is at risk or outright suspended. They can no longer drive to work.

High Success Rate When Drivers Fight

Drivers typically do not challenge their tickets. However, those who go to traffic ticket court in Chicoare likely to get a favorable outcome. As an example, The Ticket Clinic’s lawyers have an 80% success rate for reductions and dismissals in multiple states. Challenging your ticket is healthy for the system and is absolutely your right. Here are some top reasons why our lawyers prevail often:

  • A 22-item checklist that encompasses multiple areas (just one issue is enough to get a ticket reduced or dismissed)
  • Direct communication with clients
  • Licensed lawyers with a reputation for robust advocacy, unafraid to take cases to court
  • More than 3 million cases over several decades
  • Extensive knowledge of the court system

To expand on the last point, the police officer who ticketed a driver must show up in traffic court Chico for a case to proceed. These officers are not as likely to show up as drivers may think. Moreover, when officers do appear to testify, they might not remember enough details from the traffic stop. It could’ve been a month ago or longer.

These officers must be able to satisfactorily address all items on the checklist plus other issues. For instance, can they prove that their equipment was properly calibrated? When was the last time it had been checked for accuracy? Does the traffic ticket match the alleged offense? Where was the officer’s car in relation to the stop sign or another important marker? Was the pedestrian crosswalk highly visible or were the marks faded and difficult to see?

The bottom line: Drivers have multiple avenues to explore for getting a ticket reduced or dismissed.

Enlist the Assistance of The Ticket Clinic

Still unsure whether you want a Chico speeding ticket lawyer? That’s understandable. Our consultations are free, so get in touch to discuss your options. You can call at (866) 248-2846 or submit an online contact form. Make an educated decision about how you approach your traffic ticket.