Defending Your Rights with a Human Touch

When driving along California roadways, even the best and most cautious drivers sometimes run afoul of a red light ticket camera or a radar speed detector. You need a caring and affordable traffic attorney who can defend your rights in court and help you to avoid points on your driving record — or worse yet, a suspended license.

Man Versus Machine

Did you know that power lines in the area can affect how a radar speed detector functions? Did you know red light cameras must meet strict regulations for a violation to be valid? Our law firm has existed over three decades, and with eight years serving California drivers, our attorneys have developed key strategies in challenging these citations. In many cases, with an Azusa speeding ticket attorney working for you, you will pay no fine, garner no points, and often not have to appear in court at all.

No Judgment on Past Mistakes

Maybe your license has already been suspended due to unpaid traffic tickets. We understand that there are many reasons why this could happen. You can hire an unpaid suspended license ticket lawyer to help get your license back. We will use our time-tested approaches to restore your driving privileges.

Attorneys, Not Apps

You may have heard about various traffic ticket apps that prevent you from paying a fine or appearing in court. While these apps may sound convenient, they are not necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. If you require an accident ticket fix, you may be out of luck; some apps only provide services for simple violations like speeding, not more complicated cases like DUI or reckless driving.

When you hire an Azusa traffic ticket lawyer from The Ticket Clinic, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a real lawyer fighting for your rights in court. If you have one or more traffic tickets you need to contest, call us today at 1-800-248-2846 or use our contact form to set up a free consultation.