What Is a DMV Hold?

August 19, 2019

Not all California drivers are certain about how the DMV hold on license works. It is not an automatic driver’s license suspension, and you are allowed to continue driving until the DMV takes action. California places a DMV hold on your driver’s license when you receive a ticket and if you then fail to appear in court when required. A failure to appear in traffic court can result in a suspended license and also prevent you from renewing it.

When you are issued a ticket, you provide your signature, which is a signed promise that you will appear in court. When provided with a time and date for an appearance, you are required to show up. When you completely ignore the court date, the DMV hold on drivers license goes into effect.

A No-Show at Traffic Court Can Be Considered a Crime

In California, a failure to appear in traffic court is a punishable crime. Coming to court is mandatory for certain citations, but you do not need to go out of your way to comply. An online search for traffic courts near me will provide options for choosing a location convenient enough for you to show up and resolve the matter. Because the DMV makes it easy for people to appear in court, the DMV hold on license occurs when the issue is completely disregarded. Once the hold takes place, all outstanding fines must be paid to remove the DMV hold or you may not be able to renew your driver’s license.

There Are Defenses for a DMV Hold

There are ways to counteract a DMV hold. If there is a legitimate reason you missed your court date, you may provide proof such as a record of an illness or other emergency. You may also be able to prove that you made a mistake or that you did not receive any notice requiring you to show up.

Ignoring a traffic citation may lead to serious consequences. Drivers defending themselves for not appearing in court should consider working with experienced traffic ticket lawyers to act on their behalf.