Uber Driver Requirements in California

June 5, 2018

The way Uber has disrupted the transportation industry is impressive. If you’re interested in cashing in on the opportunity by becoming an Uber driver, you’ll want to make sure you meet all the requirements. Here are some of the minimum prerequisites for being a California Uber driver.

Background Check

In order to drive for Uber, you must pass a stringent background check. You’ll be disqualified if Uber finds any convictions for violent crimes, sexual offenses, or felonies in your criminal record. Certain driving violations, such as a careless driving ticket, may disqualify you. If you’re concerned about your driving record, you should talk to an all traffic offense attorney at The Ticket Clinic. You can find the closest traffic ticket lawyer here: “The Ticket Clinic Near Me.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

The exact specifications for your vehicle may vary depending on the specific type of service you want to drive under, such as uberX or uberXL. However, here are the minimum requirements your car must meet:

  • 4-doors
  • 15-years old or newer
  • No cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding

If your car has holes in the exterior, large permanent stains, prominent odors, torn seats, aftermarket modifications, or paint oxidation, it may be disqualified. Your vehicle must pass a 19-point inspection before driving and every 50,000 miles or 12 months after that.

Decal Display

If Uber accepts you as a partner, you’ll need to display an Uber sticker on your vehicle while driving for them. You’ll need to put the decals on the rear and front windshields on the passenger side. Uber will mail you a decal when you become a partner.

These are some of the main guidelines for becoming an Uber driver in California. For more detailed requirements, you should take a look at Uber’s website and start the application process. If you have any concerns about passing the background check, talk to a speeding ticket lawyer before applying.