Traffic Ticket Mistakes That Will Get Your Case Dismissed in Court

June 27, 2019

If you get pulled over for a traffic violation, the officer will probably issue you a traffic ticket. The ticket should list the fine amount, the alleged offense, and the summons date. Mistakes on traffic tickets occur when officers are in a hurry or absentmindedly jot down incorrect information. When that happens, you may have a chance of fighting the ticket or having traffic ticket lawyers do so for you. Here are three common errors to look for.

Wrong Vehicle Listed

If an officer lists the wrong make and model of your vehicle, the wrong license plate number, or any other essential identifying evidence, the incorrect information on traffic ticketcan get the citation thrown out. All you need to do is prove the listed automobile is not your vehicle by providing documented proof of the correct info.

Incomplete Information Recorded

Officers are often in a hurry, and sometimes they fail to include all the information needed on a ticket. Whether the officer forgets to fill a section out or gets called to another accident, if the missing data is crucial to the case, the citation may be dismissed.

Faulty Equipment Used 

In the past few years, the accuracy of radar guns and cameras attached to red lights have been hotly debated. Weathering, high winds, and winter storms can all affect the precision of the shutter speed on traffic cameras, and the way officers handle the radar equipment, the purchase date, and the gun’s maintenance can all influence how well the sensitive instruments capture correct information. You can have better chances of fighting your citation if any of these factors influence your ticket.

Chances are that if a traffic ticket has errors,the citation can be overturned or dismissed with the help of a traffic lawyer. If you find problems with the information, let an attorney use trusted tactics and defense strategies to go to traffic courts near me and get your case dismissed.