Traffic Ticket and DUI Penalties for Commercial Drivers

June 4, 2018

When operating a vehicle is directly tied to your livelihood, there’s little room for error. Unfortunately, ticketing officers don’t make special rules for commercial drivers, meaning you’re just as susceptible to an illegal u-turn ticket in your rig as every other driver on the road. Knowing the penalties for working drivers can help you understand the risks and decide if and when you need a traffic ticket lawyer.

General Violations

The majority of citations follow the same guidelines for commercial motorists, but the penalties can be more extreme. Examples include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Tailgating

Any of the above can result in a suspended commercial license and even jail time, depending on the details and location of the infraction. Truck drivers are wise to seek help from a careless driving ticket attorney for seemingly minor citations because the punishment can be so severe. What some consider an annoying red light camera ticket can mean much more to someone who drives professionally.

Major Violations

When reckless driving and DUI enter the conversation, commercial operators have to be exceptionally careful. Even when a commercial driver is off the clock and driving a personal vehicle, a serious infraction can lead to a commercial drivers license being suspended. In the case of a collision, you’ll want the best accident ticket lawyer available to fight against massive hikes in insurance premiums or the loss of your job. Anyone with a CDL receives increased scrutiny, and that can result in substantial penalties if you don’t take the right precautions.

A Team You Can Rely On 

The attorneys at The Ticket Clinic have decades of experience helping all types of drivers fight their tickets. With a success rate over 80 percent, The Ticket Clinic can help you keep your license and avoid the stiff fines that commercial drivers are often subjected to. To get more information, call 1-800-248-2846.