Things to Consider While Fighting Careless Driving Charge

April 19, 2015

In situations where the police officer finds the driver was not paying attention or due care while driving, a careless driving ticket is issued. Careless driving violation cannot be measured like speeding, and it is based on the prudential judgment of the police officer. Any person who drives a vehicle carelessly without considering other persons or vehicles on the road, will be charged with a careless driving ticket. The way the officer interprets the violation is also important. If a police officer witnesses someone showing off by performing a stunt on the road, he will be charged with the same violation.

Fighting a careless driving charge

When you’re fighting a careless driving charge, a few things to consider are whether you’d like a lawyer advocating for you and how you might present your argument against the charge. In general, it really does help to have a lawyer in your corner. Traffic lawyers have a large number of potential defenses to draw from, whether the issue in question is a hands free ticket, speeding ticket or careless driving charge. They can customize potential arguments to the unique circumstances of your case.

Anyone who feels they have been wrongly charged can choose not to suffer the penalties. For those who opt to defend the careless driving charge, the whole situation can get challenging. However, at Ticket Clinic, we have experienced traffic ticket attorneys, who will fight your careless driving ticket, regardless from where the ticket is written. The lawyer will analyze and study the case to convince the judge that your actions were not intentional and dangerous. Police officer’s assessment of the situation should be proved wrong.

Undecided If You Want to Fight?

Of course, it may seem easier in some ways to just pay the ticket and be done with it. For example, a search of, “traffic courts near me,” reveals that there are convenient ways to pay your ticket: through the court website, via a drop box or through the mail. It can be tempting to simply pay the fine rather than meet with a lawyer and mount a defense.

The good news is that most, if not all, of your lawyer discussions can be done online and over the phone. You can get answers to questions such as, “What is reckless driving in California?”

Plus, you might not need to appear in court at all.

The Potential Consequences

Reckless driving in California comes with penalties such as fine and 6 months jail time. Other outcomes include points on your driving record, consequently resulting in a rise in auto insurance premium amount. You need not suffer these outcomes, if you think you can defend yourself. Professional advice from experts can guide you through the whole process and it could help you win the case. Before deciding to fight against the ticket make sure you will be able to collect enough evidence to support you.

One big thing to think about is how your charge will affect your insurance rates and driver’s license. Say that you got a speeding ticket last year and wondered, “How long does a speeding ticket affect your insurance?” If it was your first ticket and you didn’t anticipate any more, the effect would be minimal.

But now you have this reckless driving charge on top of the previous ticket. They will affect your insurance seriously, no doubt, unless you get the newer charge dismissed. After all, two main violations that lead to traffic collisions are careless driving and speeding. Authorities and insurance companies take them seriously, and talking with a lawyer as soon as possible can help you fight your charge.

Our California traffic ticket lawyer has succeeded in helping clients win their case, regardless of the type of the violation.