Speeding Over 100MPH Is A Fast Growing Trend – California Traffic Enforcement Update

July 14, 2020

Less traffic and open highways throughout California are contributing to an uptick in certain types of traffic tickets. Even with fewer people are travelling, law enforcement is working closely with Caltrans on safe transportation initiatives despite decreased driver presence on state roadways due to stay-at-home orders.

Many drivers are taking advantage of less congested roads and are driving with a heavy foot. Speeding violations are on the rise as the California Office of Traffic Safety (COTS) has publicly urged drivers to slow down after seeing an 87% spike in related citations occurred recently.

A Fast Growing Trend – Speeding More Than 100MPH

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported a whopping 2,493 issuance of citations statewide that involved speeding more than 100 mph since March when stay-at-home guidelines went into effect. CHP says this is nearly double the number compared to the same time last year when 1,335 violations were issued. These shocking new numbers are even more eye-popping when you consider that traffic volume averages are down nearly 35% due to the pandemic.

Caltrans, CHP, and the Office of Traffic Safety Join Forces

In a joint effort to encourage motorists to reduce their speeds and be more careful behind the wheel, Caltrans teamed up with CHP and the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). Outside of stepping up a law-enforcement presence on state roads and highways, electronic highway signs will also bear a safety-related message discouraging speeding and emphasizing traveling safely while driving.

The messages will also remind drivers of the Move Over Law that requires drivers to slow down or move over to a different lane if they see emergency vehicles, tow trucks, Caltrans, and other essential service providers.

Consequences of Traffic Violations in California

Despite most California traffic courts operating on limited availability due to COVID-19 restrictions, those who commit infractions like speeding over 100 mph will receive a citation and be expected to take care of it online and possibly in-person.

Driving unsafely is taken seriously by California Highway Patrol, and if you get pulled over for this behavior, the California Vehicle Code can hand out several punishments in response, including:

  • First offenses for speeding could bring fines starting at $238
  • One point on your driving record
  • Fines increase for habitual offenders

Remember, these are just base fines. The actual violation can increase penalties significantly. In cases of speeding at over 100 mph, the vehicle code has specific consequences, including:

  • Two points added to your driving record
  • A fine of up to $500 and a 30-day suspended license just for a first offense

If this is the second offense in three years, the fine and license suspension period goes up dramatically, even more so for third offenses in less than five years.

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