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How To Reduce Your DUI Charges

Convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) are notoriously expensive, especially in California where court fines and fees can add up to thousands of dollars over the base price of the ticket. An experienced DUI lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and potentially lower the cost of your charges. Can DUI be reduced to reckless driving? […]

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8 Facts to Know About Driving and Texting

You likely know that texting and driving can be dangerous. However, there are probably somefacts about texting and drivingyou didn’t know. Some of these make it clear why so many people need to work with a texting and driver lawyer to fight these tickets. These are some texting and driving factsto know: It Is Illegal in […]

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5 Things To Know About Court Costs and Your Traffic Ticket

If you receive a California traffic ticket, you know you have to save your pennies before searching traffic courts near me. If you are concerned about your car accident ticket cost, here are five important factors you need to know about. Traffic Ticket Flat Fees Do you have to pay court fees for a speeding […]

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California Driving With the Flow of Traffic Ticket

Posted speed limits are straightforward figures displayed on roadside boards, and the law requires motorists to drive at or under that number. However, a problem arises when you find yourself driving with the flow of traffic in California and you notice your speed is well over the speed limit. When you are one of many […]

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What Is Considered Reckless Driving?

Driving recklessly while operating a motor vehicle can take many different forms. The simplest definition of reckless driving is operating a vehicle in such a way that puts either people or property in danger, whether intentional or not. This offense is most often considered a misdemeanor; however, charges can vary in severity depending on if […]

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5 Ways To Postpone Your Court Appearance

When dealing with a court appearance due to a traffic ticket, you may need more time to find a lawyer and get everything in order than is initially given to you. So, how can you reschedule court date traffic ticket when dealing with traffic courts near me? There are a few different approaches you can take […]

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What Is a “Speed Trap” & Are They Legal in California?

In general, a police speed trap is any technique used by police to catch speeders with the primary intent of raising revenue through issuing tickets. When police enforce speed limits to ensure safety, it is not a speed trap. However, enforcement isn’t always so genuinely motivated. If the goal is to issue tickets to meet […]

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