Tips to Avoid Traffic Ticket in California

With traffic rules getting stringent by day, it seems the best way to avoid getting a traffic ticket is to stay off the road. Violating traffic laws could result in penalties like fines, jail time and points on your driving record. By being extra careful while driving, you can avoid traffic tickets in California. Driving […]

What You Should Do if You Get a Speeding Ticket in California

It is normal to get annoyed when you are charged with a speeding ticket, but you shouldn’t show your anger towards the officer. One should know how to handle the situation, as it could help you fight your speeding tickets easily. Police officer takes note of every situation and if he feels you are gentle […]

Things to Consider While Fighting Careless Driving Charge


In situations where the police officer finds the driver was not paying attention or due care while driving, a careless driving ticket is issued. Careless driving violation cannot be measured like speeding, and it is based on the prudential judgment of the police officer. Any person who drives a vehicle carelessly without considering other persons […]

Misconceptions About Red Light Camera Tickets – Drivers’ Perspective


Red light cameras are a fixture at many intersections in America, and almost every driver hates seeing the infamous camera flash as they cruise down the road. These cameras are becoming more and more popular, and they serve as an effective tool used to capture reckless drivers. Despite their popularity, these cameras can erroneously take […]

‘You Are Being Watched’- Red Light Cameras


It goes without saying that red light cameras are life savers in cities, where reckless driving and speeding are a common sight. There has been considerable decrease in red light crashes at crossings after the installations of cameras. This technology that could be used to prevent accidents is more often used for generating revenues in […]