LA’s Top 5 Speeding Ticket Hotspots

March 21, 2018

Whether you’re an LA native or you’re just passing through, you’ll be fully aware it’s one of the worst areas for traffic. It can take you several hours just to travel a few miles. Because of the likelihood of getting caught in congestion, you may be tempted to speed whenever you get the chance to drive on a clear road. However, you may be issued a ticket and need to get help from a careless driving ticket attorney.

While you know the police may nab you at any time, you might be curious about the most common places the cops issue speeding tickets. Here’s a list of the top intersections for getting speeding tickets in LA:

  • East of Sun Valley at Johanna Avenue and Sunland Way
  • In Studio City at Canton Drive and Laurel Canyon Boulevard
  • In Northridge at Louise Avenue and Nordhoff
  • In San Fernando at Rinaldi Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard
  • In Van Nuys at Weddington Street and Sepulveda Boulevard

As you can see, it’s not just the I-5 that is a common spot for speeding violations. If you’re at any of these intersections, be aware that law enforcement is just waiting to give you a speeding or red light camera ticket.  

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